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Allen Heffler Medicare Advisor in Willow Grove & Philadelphia

Posted on 3/3/2018

Allen Heffler, President of MyMedicareAdvisor here. Yesterday we lost power in our home in a suburb of Philadelphia due to the snowstorm. Fun Stuff. As of the time that I am writing this, Saturday 11A- still no power at home. So, I thought I’d share the past 18 hours with you all. I am writing this from my office in Willow Grove, PA, one mile from where I live, where we do have electricity and power. Last night, my son, a Penn State student on break, and myself went to my in-laws house to watch Penn State in the Big Ten tournament beat Ohio State. Then back to our home. Wife, son, dog and myself sat around the gas fireplace, hung, talked, laughed, read for a while, then off to sleep with many blankets. Not the worse. This morning woke up still- to no power. Drove into the office-streets were fine. Charging up Iphone, and wasting time on the internet. Today’s possible events for Allen Heffler- maybe NYC and Madison Square Garden to watch Penn Sate in Big Ten Tourny. Perhaps drive down the shore. Perhaps sports bar to watch some college basketball. Perhaps new Jamaican restaurant in Abington. Perhaps Mission BBQ in King of Prussia that son wants to go to. Perhaps go to gym for a long time excercise and hot shower. Maybe go back to in-laws and hang out. One thing that is evident- when something like this happens- power goes out-which is quite a rediculous minor nothing event in the scheme of things- we go into survivor mode. Eat like crap-check. A bit grumpier-check. More dishevled and not caring-check. And so on. And it hasn’t even been 24 hours. All good. Slice of life. Thanks for reading my rumblings and grumblings. Yours truly, Allen Heffler.

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