New Medicare Law Expands Coverage

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New Medicare Law Expands Coverage

People on Medicare with many medicare issues might benefit from a new law, states Allen Heffler, President of MyMedicareAdvisor located in Willow Grove, PA.

The new law is called: The Creating High-Quality Results and Outcomes Necessary to Improve Chronic (CHRONIC) Care Act of 2018. It will benefit people who suffer from serious chronic illness or physical limitations. These seniors have serious medical issues and challenges in receiving the required care needed and this new law will improve and better coordinate Medicare care.

There are many benefits of the new law. It gives Medicare Advantage– Part C plans- flexibility to offer additional benefits like bathroom railing or a wheelchair ramp for those who need it. Also for Medicare Advantage enrollees, more telehealth services are covered, such as a nurse hotline. The new law provides flexibility to Kidney patients to recieve dialysis at home. It provides much better coordination of services, especially those who are on both Medicare and Medicaid. In general, this new law will help seniors get some services that they need in a much more organized way. For example, this new law might pave the way for something that used to be treated with a visit to a doctor’s office, now might be handled with a phone call. So, instead of running to a doctor for something very minor and sit in a waiting room next to someone that has the flu, with the new law that medicare issue might be handled very well with a call to a nurse.

There are many efficiencies that the new law creates. The hope is that this will be a win-win. The patient will clearly win with better care. The Medicare system might win due to better outcomes, healthier population and less expensive care. Clearly, this new law a step in th right direction.

Allen Heffler is President of MyMedicareAdvisor located in Willow Grove PA. Do you have Medicare questions? We have answers. Just call us at 215-658-1776.



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