"I was retiring and leaving my group insurance from work. I was completely lost and had no idea what to do about Medicare. A neighbor told me I had to call Allen. I called Allen Heffler and we spoke for over 30 minutes. In plain language that I was able to understand, he walked me through exactly what I needed to do. We spoke an additional two times and now I am all set with Medicare. Truth is, I really could never have gotten the right plan without Allen. And- there was no cost whatsoever. I strongly recommend anyone that is about to go onto Medicare to call Allen Heffler. You will be very happy that you did."

Tom W., Phila PA

I was quite confused about Medicare. My sister told me to call Allen Heffler. He took the time to give me a really good understanding about all my Medicare options. Allen was fantastic to work with. I can not recommend Allen Heffler enough!

Tina G., Roxbourgh, PA

I used Allen Heffler for my Medicare Insurance. He is a local Medicare professional in Philadelphia. He knows what plans work well in Philly and what to stay away from. There was no cost for his advice and service. If you live in the Philadelphia area and going onto Medicare, you will be very happy if you call Allen.

Linda C., Philadelphia

I tried to do Medicare by myself. It was completely overwhelming. My friend told me I had to call Allen Heffler a Medicare advisor. I called Allen. Smart move on my part. He was great and took a lot of time explaining Medicare and he took care of everything. There was no cost to use Allen- he is a true professional.

Jennifer L., Philadelphia

I was referred to Allen from a friend. He was great to work with. I liked that he is licensed with all the top Medicare companies and was completely unbiased with his recommendations. Also, I didn’t pay him anything; he gets paid by the Medicare company. Calling Allen is a no-brainer.

Robert P., Lafayette Hill, PA

I was betting bombarded with mail and sales calls about Medicare. Because of this, I was reluctant to call Allen Heffler. But when I did, I was instantly relieved. Allen was easy to talk to, spoke in plain language that I was able to understand and he made a brutal process painless. If you are going through the Medicare ordeal- CALL ALLEN!

Debbie R., Narberth, PA